Purchasing Your Lionhead Rabbit

Purchasing a lionhead rabbit can be done through a local pet store or a legitimate breeder.

In here you will find valuable information about where to find a lionhead rabbit breeder, how to select a reputable breeder, and how to choose a healthy buck or doe (male or female baby rabbit) from a litter. You will also receive tips for your home and for introducing your new lionhead rabbit to your family.

Choosing a Reputable Lionhead Rabbit Breeder

To make sure that you get a well-bred, healthy lionhead rabbit of your chosen breed, your best bet is to look around for a local breeder. You can feel free to ask around at your local pet store and you may also be able to get a personal recommendation from friends or your local veterinarian. Once you have your list of breeders on hand you can go through them one-by-one to narrow down your options.

Here are the following guidelines for you to be able to choose a reputable rabbit breeder:

Do a Background Check

Visit the website for each breeder on your list (if they have one) and look for key information about the breeder’s history and experience.

  • Check for ARBA or BRC registrations and a license, if applicable.
  • If the website doesn’t provide any information about the facilities or the breeder you are best just moving on.

Interview the Breeders

Now that you have narrowed down some breeders, contact the remaining breeders on your list by phone.

  • Ask the breeder questions about his experience with breeding rabbits in general and about the specific lionhead rabbit breed you are looking for.
  • Ask for information about the breeding stock including registration numbers and health information.
  • Expect a reputable breeder to ask you questions about yourself as well – a responsible breeder wants to make sure that his rabbits go to good homes.

Do an Onsite Inspection

Schedule an appointment to visit the facilities for the remaining breeders on your list after you’ve weeded a few more of them out.

  • Ask for a tour of the facilities, including the place where the breeding stock is kept as well as the facilities housing the baby rabbits.
  • If things look unorganized or unclean, do not purchase from the breeder.
  • Make sure the breeding stock is in good condition and that the baby rabbits are all healthy-looking and active.

Select Your Breeder

By this time you should have narrowed down the best of the best breeders on your list, before making a decision consider every factor to make the most out of it. Make sure the breeder provides some kind of health guarantee and ask about any vaccinations the rabbits may already have.

Put down a deposit, if needed, to reserve a rabbit if they aren’t ready to come home yet.


List of Breeders and Rescue Websites

There are so many lionhead rabbit breeds to choose from, that’s why you need to do some research and decide which breed you want before you start shopping around.

When you are ready to buy a lionhead rabbit, you then need to start thinking about where you are going to get it. You may be able to find a lionhead rabbit at your local pet store, but think carefully before you buy whether that is really the best option. When you buy a rabbit from a pet store you have no way of knowing where the rabbit came from – you also don’t know anything about the quality of its breeding.

If you want a baby rabbit, your best chance is to find a local lionhead rabbit breeder. Before you go down that road, however, consider whether adopting an adult rabbit might be the better option for you. There are plenty of adult rabbits out there who have been abandoned by their previous owners and they are looking for a new forever home. When you adopt a rabbit you are actually saving a life and there are some benefits for you as well!

Adopting a rabbit can sometimes be cheaper than buying from a breeder and, in many cases you get a cage and accessories with the adoption. Many adult rabbits ready for adoption have also already been spayed or neutered, litter trained, and they will be caught up on vaccinations.

Here is the list of breeders and adoption rescue websites around United States and United Kingdom.

United States Breeders and Rescue Websites

  • Bunnizona <http://bunnizona.weebly.com/>
  • Legendary Farms Rabbitry <http://www.legendaryminis.com/> 
  • StreamSide Bunnies <http://www.streamsidebunnies.com/>
  • Lionhead Rabbit Breeders List <http://lionheadrabbit.com/breeders/lion-in-the-shade-rabbitry/>
  • Rolling Fields Rabbitry <http://www.rollingfieldsrabbitry.com/lionheads>
  • KK Rabbitry <http://kkrabbits.yolasite.com/lionheads.php>
  • Raising Rabbits <http://www.raising-rabbits.com/rabbits-for-sale.html>
  • Luv-a-Bun Rabbit Rescue <http://bunnyrabbit.org/>
  • BunSpace Rabbit Rescue <http://www.bunspace.com/>
  • Erie Area Rabbit Society and Rescue <http://www.eriearearabbitsociety.org/>
  • Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. <http://www.longislandrabbitrescue.org/happy_tails.htm>
  • Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue. <http://www.magichappensrescue.com/>
  • The Bunny Bunch Rescue. <http://www.bunnybunch.org/pages/>


United Kingdom Breeders and Rescue Websites

  • Dee’s Lionhead Rabbits <http://www.lionheadrabbit.co.uk/>
  • Rabbit Rehome Adoption <http://www.rabbitrehome.org.uk/search/breed/lionhead>
  • Southampton Rabbit Rescue <http://www.southamptonrabbitrescue.org.uk/>
  • Cotton Tails Rescue <http://www.cottontails-rescue.org.uk/>
  • The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre <http://www.crrc.co.uk/>
  • Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care <http://www.fbrc.org.uk/>
  • Acomb Rabbit Rescue <http://www.acombrabbitrescue.org.uk/>
  •  Pets 4 Homes UK <http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/pets4homes/home.nsf/rabbitssale!openform&Breed=Lionhead>
  • FreeAds UK <http://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/pets/rabbits/lionhead/#.WDzm9NJ97Dc>


Selecting a Healthy Lionhead Rabbit

After you have narrowed down your list of options to just two or three lionhead rabbit breeders, your next step is to actually pick out the baby rabbit you want. You have already determined that the remaining breeders on your list are responsible, but now you need to make sure that the baby rabbits they have available are healthy and ready to go home with their new owners.

Here are some few guidelines to keep in mind when selecting a healthy rabbit:

Check the Environment of the Rabbits

Ask the breeder to give you a tour of the facilities. Make sure the facilities where the rabbits are housed is clean and sanitary – if there is evidence of diarrhea, do not purchase one of the rabbits because they may already be sick.

Observe the Rabbits Behavior

Take a few minutes to observe the litter as a whole, watching how the rabbits interact with each other. The baby rabbits should be active and playful, interacting with each other in a healthy way. Avoid any rabbits that appear to be lethargic and those that have difficulty moving – they could be sick.

Interact with the Rabbits

Put your hand into the cage or nesting box and give the baby rabbits time to sniff and explore you before you interact with them. Pet the baby rabbits and encourage them to play with a toy, taking the opportunity to observe their personalities. Then you can single out any of the rabbits that you think might be a good fit and spend a little more time with them.

You can also pick up the baby rabbit and hold him to see how he responds to human contact. The baby rabbit might squirm a little but it shouldn’t be frightened of you and it should enjoy being pet.

Examine the Rabbits Body

Examine the rabbit’s body for signs of any illness and potential injury.

  • Eyes: The baby rabbit should have clear, bright eyes with no discharge.
  • Ears: Their ears should be clean and clear with no discharge or inflammation.
  • Body: The baby rabbit stomach may be round but it shouldn’t be distended or swollen.
  • Mobility: The baby rabbit should be able to walk and run normally without any mobility problems.

 In summary, purchasing a lionhead rabbit can be done through a local pet store or a legitimate breeder, but going through a breeder allows you to ensure the quality of the rabbit you’re getting.