What are Lionhead Rabbits?

Lionhood rabbit in the grassWhen looking at the different breeds of rabbits you might have seen this unusual name and wondered what are lionhead rabbits?

Lionhead Rabbits are believed to be a crossbreed of Angora and Swiss Fox rabbits, although some breeders argue that it is originally from a miniature Swiss Fox and a Netherland Dwarf rabbit.

The breed was originally developed in Europe – particularly in Belgium as a show breed, however, it became a popular domestic pet that captured the hearts of pet owners across United States and the world. They are a unique breed not only in terms of their “lioness” appearance but also because of their calm temperament.

These rabbits have huge personalities wrapped up in a small cuddly package! But what else is it that makes these rabbits so popular?

There is no short answer to this question because, with lionhead rabbits, there is just so much to love.

The lionhead rabbit is more than just a pet; it is a friendly, active and loving companion.

These rabbits are trainable, cuddly and energetic, plus they are very great family pets, although they may not be ideal for very young children. If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit or purchasing a doe or buck, the lionhead rabbit is definitely a great breed to consider.

Before you bring a Lionhead rabbit home, however, you should be a responsible rabbit owner and learn everything you can about this breed and how to care for it properly.

Fortunately, this website will teach you how to be the best lionhead rabbit owner you can be! You will find tons of helpful information about lionhead rabbits; how they live, how to deal with them and realize the great benefits of owning one! 

This includes information about creating the ideal habitat and diet for your rabbit as well as tips for breeding and showing your lionhead rabbit. You will also find in-depth health information for the breed including common health problems affecting it and the treatment options available.

The fluffy world of lionhead rabbit breed awaits!

Read the Ultimate Guide for Lionhead Rabbits

Book - Lionhead Rabbits: The Ultimate Guide for Lionhead RabbitsIf you want to learn everything you can about this breed, I’d recommend reading “Lionhead Rabbits: The Ultimate Guide for Lionhead Rabbits”. You can find it on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.